Creative Ideas For Wall Art in a Dorm Room or Teen Bedroom

Creative Ideas For Wall Art in a Dorm Room or Teen Bedroom
Published by: Heather Loriece 
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In 2015, I opened 527 Photo, an online art store specializing in pastel photography art work from beautiful destinations like Paris, Santorini, New York City, and Positano. Before opening the store, I struggled to find art that was feminine and inexpensive. I have a particular love for pink and everything I was finding in pastel and pink was too expensive. I have made it my mission to fill the gap!

At 527 Photo, we specialize in wall art so I have a few ideas for a dorm room or teen bedroom that are creative, interesting and affordable.

1. A Gallery Wall Under $150

Affordable DIY gallery wall ideas

Some of our bestselling art products are the collage print kits that include 50 prints in a color theme and style. We have 9 kit styles to choose from in three sizes - 4x6 inches, 5x7 inches, and 8x10 inches. Every print in the kit is the same size and the price for the whole kit (50 prints) starts at only $48.

The framed kit displayed is Summer Lovin' in size 8x10 inches.

The best part about this gallery wall, is how affordable the frames are. Yes! The frames are included in the $150.

My secret for this affordable look is to buy the frames in bulk from Dollar Tree for only $1 each! Now, these frames are not excellent quality - far from it, however, if you're working on a budget these are the best option. Dollar Tree changes their frame inventory seasonally so just do a search on the site for picture frames.

Another affordable framing option is IKEA. I've seen frames there around 3 USD and you can order online.



Creative wall art ideas


2. A Gallery Wall Without a Headboard

Wall Artwork Ideas

If you don't have a headboard, make art the focal point of the bedroom. Mix in elements that are meaningful like cities you've visited, a ticket to a concert that is special, friends & family, a hand written letter, song lyrics, etc.

When hanging a gallery wall above a bed without a headboard, be sure to keep the art approximately the same width as the pillows on the bed and do not hang the art higher than the door frame in the room.

Add interest by combining artwork styles like framed prints and canvas art with a mixture of sizes.

Creative Ideas for Wall Art


3. Create a Heart Collage

Creative Ideas for Wall Art

Our Wander More Collage Print Kit is designed to be able to be hung in a heart shape and we have a tutorial on how to do it here.


Have fun decorating your walls! For more information on all of the art in this article, visit the 527 Photo print shop.