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How to Hang a Heart Collage Wall

How to Hang a Heart Collage Wall
The brand new Wander More Collage Print kit by 527 Photo is here and we're showing you how to hang it in a heart shape!
This kit includes 50 prints from Paris, Lisbon, Santorini, Porto and Marfa in a pastel pink and green color.


1. The Wander More Print Kit

2. We recommend using mounting tape to keep the prints on the wall. This is the tape we recommend.

How to hang a heart shaped collage photo wall kit


Separate prints into categories of vertical and horizontal orientation. All abstract prints can hang in either orientation so place those prints in a separate pile.

Collage wall DIY ideas


Start with row 1 and place it just above the pillows, headboard, sofa, etc.


Move on to rows 2 then 3. Use horizontal images from the kit. For row 2, overlap the prints 2-4 inches for each print. For row 3, overlap the prints 1 to 2 inches for each print. 


Now hang rows 4, 5, 6 and 7 in order with vertical prints. Do not overlap the prints.


For row 8, use vertical prints and overlap them approximately 1 inch.


Add a floral sticker pack to enhance the aesthetic! Only $5.

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Flowers sticker pack aesthetic

Et Voila!
Your heart shaped photo collage wall is complete! Pat yourself on the back and enjoy your pretty masterpiece.


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