527 Travel Wall Art Prints
Heather Loriece is a travel photographer based out of Dallas, Texas. In 2015, when she was decorating her home, she had trouble finding feminine, colorful and contemporary art that was affordable. Frustrated with the selection of art available, she founded 527 Photo and her pastel dreams came true.
Heather's love for travel began in 2008 when she studied abroad in Paris, France. She and her husband (who is also a photographer!) have traveled to over a dozen countries and several U.S. cities to create curated print collections for These collections include European and U.S. cities like Paris, New York City, Positano, Santorini and more.
Whether or not the viewer has been to any of the lovely destinations in the print collections, 527 Photo art prints are meant to inspire.
When you purchase from 527 Photo, you will receive original artwork photographed by Heather.
In addition to, Heather Loriece has licensed prints to a number of retailers, including Target, Minted, West Elm, HomeGoods and Hobby Lobby.

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