Hire Affordable Interior Designers with Havenly

Hire Affordable Interior Designers with Havenly
Published by: Heather Loriece
 My husband and I have lived in our home for almost 7 years now and we have yet to decorate our living room. Why? Well, it's not so easy. You see, I love a modern feminine aesthetic and Matt, my husband, likes modern masculine. Shocking right?? We both know what we like and we've had trouble striking a balance between the two styles.

In the past, we've considered hiring an interior designer but it was SO expensive. They charge a hefty fee and then we would have to buy all of the furniture at once. It just wasn't ever something that worked with our modest budget. Don't get me wrong, traditional interior designers are worth every dollar. They have wisdom on design that I will never possess and the one on one service can't be beat, but like I said, it just wasn't in our budget.

I was recently scrolling through Instagram and an ad for Havenly popped up with an offer I couldn't pass up. A Havenly designer designs an entire room for only $179. WHAT? Only $179? Yes, sign me up. I knew if I didn't like the service, well then I was only out $179.

We've been working with our designer, Delia, for about 2 weeks now and I am LOVING the process.

Havenly has given me a discount to share with you!

Get $100 off a full room design. That's well under $100 for a professional interior designer to completely design a room for you.



1. The first step was to select the rooms that we like the most. This will give Havenly an idea what our style is.

Affordable interior designers



2. In the second step, they will ask how much you know about interior design. 

affordable interior designer

3.  Pick your room that needs design.

how to find interior designer

4. Sign up and get your results!

low budget interior design for living room

What can I say, their algorithm pegged me perfectly!

5. Fill out an in depth questionnaire and pick your designer.

In the next few steps, they will ask a few more questions specific to your project like budget and the state you live in, then you will pick a designer.

With the budget, they have three options - thrifty, mix of high and low, and only the best.

I love that they have a thrifty option for those on a tight budget.

For picking your designer, I recommend going through their profiles to see which designer fits your style best. Once you have chosen your designer, you'll go through the onboarding process and fill out a questionnaire to further narrow down your likes and dislikes. Havenly suggests putting together a Pinterest board and sharing the link with your designer.

6. Begin working with your interior designer

 The first step is to measure your room and upload a hand drawn layout of the room. Be sure to include measurements for windows, fireplace and door frames. Once you've done that, you'll move onto phase 1, the Concept phase. This is where your designer will put together two to three room designs to gauge your preferences. Within each room, you will favorite the items you like and leave comments on items you don't like to help your designer find the perfect elements for your room. 

There is a chat feature on the website that connects to your cellphone for texting and this has made it so easy to contact my designer. I let her know that there are a few items in our room that we will be keeping like rugs, TV console and art. I sent her links to these specific products and she incorporated them into the next phase of the design.

Here are the Concept rooms Delia put together for us. The first room was designed for me with a feminine aesthetic, the second room is for my husband in a more masculine aesthetic and the third room is a blend of both of our styles.

low budget interior design living room

In the next phase, she combined all of the elements we liked and created a more curated room for us. 

affordable interior designers near me

Within this design, there are still some elements we wanted to change so we are working with Delia to make the changes. She has provided alternates for all pieces in the room, which makes it really easy to choose another item and, if we don't like any of the alternate items, we can let her know to find something else.

Havenly works with 300+ vendors like West Elm, Wayfair and Joss & Main, so there is no doubt we will find exactly what we're looking for. The website says there is no obligation to purchase items through Havenly, but I would guess, the designers make a commission off of any pieces purchased. For this reason, I am being very honest with Delia to design a room we love because I want to purchase through Havenly and for Delia to make a commission. I have so appreciated her insight!

Get started with Havenly


Affordable interior designers near me

This is currently our blank space. I can't wait to see the final result! I'll be doing a follow up blog post for when we have received our final design and another when our living room is furnished and complete. Join my newsletter to get the alert when a new post is up.

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I hope you enjoy your affordable interior designer experience with Havenly!

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