This Extra Large Gallery Wall Cost Only $150!

This Extra Large Gallery Wall Cost Only $150!
Affordable gallery wall ideas
We talk a lot about custom framing fine art prints, but today it's all about achieving a statement gallery wall on a budget! This whole wall cost about $150 with the art and frames. 
The frames are only $1 each from Dollar Tree. Now, I know that seems really cheap. You're right, but when working on a budget, affordability is key. Even though, they're $1, they actually look good on the wall and even come with a glass cover. The gold accent is a nice touch that makes them look much more expensive. I purchased them on the website in bulk and had them shipped directly to my home.
Gallery wall ideas

The art is our very own 527 Photo Summer Lovin' Print Kit. This kit comes with 50 photos and three kit sizes are available - 4x6 inches, 5x7 inches, and 8x10 inches. For this wall, we used the 8x10 inch kit.

We have 8 kits to choose from!



beach aesthetic photo collage wall


As displayed in the image above, you don't even need frames for our kits but adding frames sure do make a statement.

For hanging the frames on the wall without making holes in the wall, we used Gorilla Mounting Tape. It holds up to 10lbs, which is perfect for the lightweight frames. The tape also works well for hanging the photos by themselves.

This gallery wall is an easy and more affordable way to make your walls pop. Have fun putting it together and share a picture with us on Instagram @527photo. We'd love to see your creation!