A Pink Paris, New York City, and London Collage Wall

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Collage Wall Idea

I recently came across these gorgeous peony wall decals and wanted to something fun with them in my office. I coordinated them with the 527 Photo Living the Dream Print Kit and it feels like I'm in Paris, London, and New York City every day. :)


Peony Wall Decals

Living the Dream Print Kit - Size 8x10

Pink Chair

My Top is from Rent The Runway - Get $30 off your first rental!

The peony wall decals are re-usable on the wall but not if you stick them to paper from the print kit. I learned this the hard way when repositioning the prints. A few were ruined. So if you place the prints behind the decals, just be sure that's where the print needs to go.

Happy decorating!


Pastel pink floral collage wall art

Paris New York collage wall art decor aesthetic


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