Travel Essentials for an International Trip

Travel Essentials for an International Trip
Travel Essentials for International Travel

International travel can be stressful but packing all of these items will make your life so much easier. I swear by them!


  1. Space Saver Bags - These "no vacuum" bags are true lifesavers. If you're like me and always overpack, you'll need these babies. So easy to use too.
  2. Packing Cubes - I never knew I needed packing cubes until I used them. They're particularly great for storing shoes because shoes get dirty and it's nice to keep the germs concealed. At least I tell myself that's what's happening!
  3. Snakeskin Beauty Case - This well designed case holds a ton of stuff, even full size bottles and folds up nicely to not take up too much space. Plus it hangs on a hook in the bathroom. It also comes in blush pink. I was so torn but ended up getting the snakeskin to hopefully hide stains.
  4. Travel Bottles - Nothing fancy here. Just regular TSA approved bottles in a clear case for carrying on but they're pink!
  5. Luggage Scale - Don't get smacked with baggage overage fees at the airport. Weigh your bags before you head out the door.
  6. Water Filters - I LOVE these! We spend way too much money on bottled water when we travel and not to mention the plastic waste that goes into the trash. There's three pouches in this pack and each pouch last 30 days. We bring two on every trip - one for me, one for Matt - and carry them with us everywhere. At restaurants, we order tap water and just drop the pouch into the water glass. They filter out chlorine, fluoride and tons of other nasty bacteria. I wouldn't travel internationally without these!
  7. Dual Voltage Flat Iron - I'm ashamed to say it, but I've blown up TWO flat irons in Europe. You think I would have learned after the first time. I finally realized a converter alone wouldn't be able to handle the voltage of an American made iron and I needed one with dual voltage. With this iron, you simply plug it in to an adapter and it works! It also works with a converter. This one is pricey, but I use it year round and it's amazing.
  8. Foot Cushions - If you plan to wear any sort of heel while traveling internationally, you'll want some support. Walking through cobblestone streets in heels isn't easy. 
  9. Global Wifi - This one might not be needed by everyone. I run a business that never closes, so I need reliable wifi ALWAYS. If you're a blogger, photographer, or anyone that wants constant wifi, this is for you. You'll purchase the device then pay for wifi daily as needed through Skyroam. Wifi is $10 a day or you can buy bundles like 10 days for $80.
  10. Portable Charger - I use my phone A LOT when we're traveling and it always dies so I don't leave the hotel without this. It's the smallest and lightest I've found and gives me a charge throughout the day.
  11. Noise Reducing Earbuds - Babies cry on planes. You can't avoid it. I love these wireless earbuds. They cancel out noise and no wires is a bonus. They're also super affordable.
  12. Converter + Adapter - As I mentioned earlier, you'll need to convert your voltage when plugging in anywhere in Europe, Asia, etc. 
  13. Sleep Mask - This is my favorite sleep mask because it's contoured to not press on my eyelashes. No one wants flat lashes.
  14. Camera Bag - Ok, this one is really only for photographers and maybe some bloggers but I have had the hardest time finding a chic camera bag. I love this one because it's smaller than most bags but still holds my huge camera and the strap is interchangeable so I can attach a chic chain strap when heading to dinner. It's also very affordable. If you've ever shopped camera bags, you know they're crazy expensive!
  15. Travel Wallet - Get a wallet with a zipper pouch! For years, I traveled with a slim credit card wallet and always ended up with a ton of coins. Euros, Kuna, Crowns, etc - they were all sliding around the bottom of my bag because I didn't have a zipper pouch. This wallet is perfect because it has the pouch plus several slots for credit cards. I always want to carry light so this tiny wallet is perfect.
  16. J Pillow - Lastly, if you're taking a long flight, you need shuteye! I've tried out several pillows but this one is by far the winner. It's super soft and supportive. It works best with a window seat for the wall but I've used it on an aisle seat too. Another great option is the Go Sleep Mask that straps to the seat to keep your head from bobbing. It really works!

*BONUS* Dual Voltage Steamer - In the states, hotels have irons in the room but in Europe it's common to not have that. I always end up sending my wrinkly clothes down to have them steamed for between 4-10 Euros per garment. It adds up! I now have this mini iron/steamer. It's tiny but it will get most of those pesky wrinkles out of my clothes and save me money in the long run. It's dual voltage, so just be sure to click the switch on the back to 220v before plugging it into your adapter or converter and, et voila! You're wrinkle free.



You're ready to travel! Have fun and take lots of pictures.