The Differences Between Poster, Art Print, and Fine Art Print Photo Paper

The Differences Between Poster, Art Print, and Fine Art Print Photo Paper
Not all photo paper is made the same, so we're here to help you in deciding the best prints for your home and budget. Generally, a higher gsm (grams per square meter), means a higher quality, more expensive art print.
There are three factors to what makes an art print expensive or inexpensive:
1. The paper
2. The printer
3. The photo quality


Fine art paper is the highest quality for photo paper and it is very expensive. High end, luxury brands or artists will print on a fine art paper typically ranging from about 270gsm to well over 300gsm. The paper is thick and if printed on a commercial grade printer, the paper absorbs 10-12 archival ink colors for the most beautiful picture quality that is truest to the actual photo colors. 

Fine art prints usually start in the upper hundreds and many sell for thousands of dollars.



Full disclosure, this is what 527 Photo art prints are printed on, and we love it! Our paper is premium quality, 255gsm with a lustre finish that is in between a matte and gloss finish. It's the perfect amount of shimmer to highlight the soft pastel colors of most of our prints. Like luxury fine art brands, all 527 photo art prints are printed at a commercial printing lab with archival ink that is guaranteed to last 100+ years so you can cherish your art for a lifetime. 

We chose this paper because we believe it is a wonderful balance between quality and affordability.

Go ahead, check us out!




While this is the lowest quality of professional papers, it is still a great choice for budget friendly art. With poster paper, you won't get archival ink and the paper is most often lighter weight (244gsm or less) with a matte finish. With the matte finish, there isn't any sort of coating, so be careful to not place the art in an area where the sun will hit it as the colors will fade very quickly.



No matter what paper the art is printed on, it definitely needs to be a high resolution image to print clearly on the paper. Always purchase art from a reputable art store if purchasing online. A great way to check this, is to look at product reviews and social media accounts.

We hope this helps in your art purchase decision. Above all, the art you choose should make you feel something.

Does it evoke a memory? Does it keep you focused on your dreams? Or maybe it simply makes happy. Whatever it is, you deserve it.

Heather is the founder, lead photographer and creative director of 527 Photo