Affordable Luxury Hotel in Santorini, Greece

Affordable Luxury Hotel in Santorini, Greece
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Santorini is pricey and finding an affordable hotel can be a challenge. When we booked our trip for early June, to be honest, we were shocked at just how expensive it could be. Think hotels in the $1500 a night price range. My advice is book for mid may or early October. You'll save TONS and still have great weather. We only went in June because we had some friends that invited us along and had already booked their dates. We decided a hefty price tag for spending a few days in Santorini with friends was sooo worth it...and we were right!


When we were looking for hotels in April to travel in June, there was very limited availability because our travel dates were in high season. I always like to look for AirBnBs or boutique hotels because you get so much bang for your buck but, like I said, we didn't have many options. Armeni Village is a boutique hotel in Oia (Santorini) and had only one room available - the Junior Suite. It was much more expensive than we wanted to pay but relative to other available hotels, it was a steal at $680 a night in high season. Now, I don't care who you are - $680 a night is outrageous, but we knew going into this trip that Greece was just going to cost more. With that said, WOAH this room was amazing. To this day, it is my most favorite hotel we've ever stayed at. If you book in advance, the hotel offers affordable room rates at $220-$350 a night depending on the time of the year. I saw the $220 rate for a standard room in mid May of 2019. Since this is a cave hotel, all of the rooms look super cool. You can't lose! So, here's why I loved this hotel so much.


This hotel is in the Oia area of Santorini and just barely outside the chaos of tourism that happens in this part of Oia. I actually thought the location couldn't have been more perfect. It was right across the pedestrian walkway from where we met all of our excursion rides. There is also a market nearby to pick up a bottle of local wine or beer, because vacation. Since it wasn't in the middle of the bustle and was tucked down a steep flight of stairs, it really felt secluded. We were able to quickly walk to all of the quintessential Santorini sites you can't miss like the Blue Domes and Church Bells.


The junior suite room comes with your very own pool ON THE BALCONY. I can't tell you how much I used this pool. Day and night, every day. Ok, I told you. As I mentioned earlier, the market is nearby so a little Champagne in the pool after a long day was really fun. 


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I mean, come on. How could I not like this? The breakfast was simple but it was delivered to my balcony and I got to choose the time it was delivered. The view of the Caldera isn't bad either. ;)
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The hotel is a hike down many steps and on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean. It has two public pools right off the balcony of the junior suite. They're both small but nice and chilly for those hot Santorini days. I had one of them to myself one afternoon. There are only 6 lounge chairs by the pools, but because the hotel is small, you won't fight guests for space by the pool.


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Now, I don't typically book a hotel based on what the room looks like but with the other amenities listed above AND the amazingness that was the junior suite, I was so in. Armeni Village is a cave hotel and this room was more like a cave apartment. It had a dining room, living room, mini kitchen, king size bed, and luxury bathroom. I could have seriously lived there and became a Santorini resident.
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Thanks Greece. My morning coffee will never be this good again.

So that's my story. Not only did I fall in love with Santorini, but this hotel couldn't have been better. I think it deserves more than 3 stars. The staff was incredibly friendly and accommodating. They carried our heavy suitcases up and down the stairs upon arrival and departure. I mean, my bag was 50lbs alone. They also helped us book a boat trip that (OMG was so amazing!) I'll talk about in another post. 

If you're considering making the long journey to Santorini, consider Armeni Village Rooms & Suites. Such a beautiful stay and I can't wait to get back to this paradise!


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