How to Search the Cheapest Flight Prices with One Click

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how to search for cheap flights

Does the cost of flights for travel ever factor into where you decide to travel? I would bet so for most of us! Nine times out of ten, we use this handy dandy tool on to decide where our next trip will be.
It's so simple but kind of a hidden feature, or at least one I didn't notice or take advantage of for a very long time.
On the flights page, enter your local airport then tab over. The "To" section will auto populate to "Everywhere." Leave it with Everywhere and enter your desired dates.
how to search for cheap flights

Like magic, data is compiled into a quick and easy list of travel spots prices lowest to highest.

how to book cheap flightshow to book cheap flights
Next, you can use the drop down menus to get further details on where specifically within a country you can fly to.
how to find cheap flights
how to search for cheap flights

There you have it. So simple. I will say, it doesn't actually pull price for "Everywhere." Many destinations will say "Get Prices" but I find this works so well for last minute travel plans, U.S., Mexico, and European destinations.

So friends, start planning and travel on!

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