How to Choose Wall Art

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How to choose wall art

Choosing wall art can be a challenge. There is no doubt about it. What color, size, frames? The list goes on. We're here to help with a few basic guidelines to set you in the right direction.


To create instant interest, mix photography with abstracts, illustrations and canvas.

How to choose wall art

SHOP THIS ART, left to right: Waikiki, Mojave Canvas Art, Bougainvillea, Prada Marfa #1, Giverny Canvas Art


I know, this is a tough one. Here are a few styles we love.

feminine & romantic

Pastels, florals and destinations like Paris and Lisbon are very feminine and romantic.

How to choose wall art

SHOP THIS ART, left to right: Eiffel Tower #1, Zara, Swan Lake, Peonies, Bia



A true bohemian style will have desert vibes and orange hues.

Bohemian art prints

SHOP THIS ART, left to right: Majestic Cacti, Susana, Rainbow, Heidi, Frieda and Eve


black and white

Are you more modern? Black and white is the way to go. It's simplistic and minimal.

How to choose wall art 

SHOP THIS ART, left to right: Smile and Wave, Pierre, Queen Audrey, Prada, Typewriter



This is definitely the hardest part, especially if you're planning a gallery wall.

For individual art over a queen bed, size 24x36 to 30x45 inches is standard. A king bed can fit 32x48 or 40x60 inches.

Over a sofa, big is best. Hang either a horizontal 32x48 inch art print (or larger) or a gallery wall set. With a gallery wall set, you'll need to measure your wall but here are some ideas; a set of three vertical 20x30 inch prints, a set of four vertical 16x24 inch prints, a set of two vertical 24x36 inch prints, a set of four horizontal 20x30 or 24x36 inch prints.

Hang art 8-10 inches above furniture as the art should look as if it is a part of the furniture and not floating above it.

For framing, we have a couple of helpful blog posts about where to find affordable and custom frames for all art print sizes,

Click here for framing art up to size 11x14

Click here for large frames and odd sizes like 8x12, 16x24, etc


Add in photos of places you've traveled to, family photos, art you've picked up at flea markets, concert tickets - you name it! Every art piece I selected for my office gallery wall was chosen because it's a special memory or evokes a feeling of happiness. Art should be inspiring and make you feel something. Make it your own and it will be beautiful.

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