Easy, Ready to Hang Canvas and Framed Canvas Wall Art

Easy, Ready to Hang Canvas and Framed Canvas Wall Art

Easy ready to hang canvas wall art decor


Here at 527 Photo, we're always trying to find ways to make art easier, because we know it can be a challenging and difficult process making multiple decisions from style, color, size, framing, etc.

Our new canvas and framed canvas art makes the framing and hanging steps so much easier. Simply choose your art in the size you want and either add a frame or not. Regardless, it will arrive ready to hang! You won't need to assemble anything.

Our handy filter menus on the collection page also can help narrow down your search, so give that a try!

Unique canvas art abstract photography


We're loving the colors and "textures" abstract art provides. Pair our abstracts with other elements like photography art prints and decor you've picked up while traveling or at a flea market to create a more interesting space.

Colorful abstract painting art on canvas

Founder of 527 Photo, Heather (and little Cash), at home in Dallas, Texas.

framed canvas art: HOLI

Size 32x48 in our white frame

Pastel and pink canvas art wall decor

left to right: PEONIES, BIA, SWAN LAKE, & MATTIE

Pastel and pink abstract canvas art wall decor

canvas art: ODYSSEY 1&2

Each canvas is size 16x20 inches

The chairs are from Wayfair

The table is from Overstock


527 Photo started as a photography art print store, so naturally, you'll find some of our bestsellers on canvas!

Photography art on canvas


Thanks for stopping by. If you ever have questions about what size art will fit in your space, just send us an email to and our team will give you some insight.