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It's April 3, 2020 and most of the world is under a mandate to shelter in place. These times are crazy but we're all doing our best to keep busy and stay sane, right?!
Ok, blogger/influencer gals, I had some fun today (maybe too much time on my hands?) playing around with my camera. I did this with my DSLR but you could use a phone camera, too! With a phone camera, you wont be able to control the depth of field but it would still be great.


The goal is to keep your shutter speed as high as possible so the camera clearly captures the flowers and you. My shutter was set at 1/640 of a second. Keep in mind, the higher the shutter speed, the darker your image will be so find or create the best light possible.

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My house is sadly so dark even with a photography lamp being used and the blinds open so I had to bump up my ISO pretty high to 5000. This adds noise to the photo but I smoothed out some of it with the luminance slider in the Lightroom desktop software under the Detail tab. There is a luminance slider in the Lightroom app for mobile, too.

When I'm photographing indoors, I like to set my white balance on the camera to either auto or custom. If I set it to custom, I use an Expo Disc to set the white balance. The Expo Disc is awesome and I ALWAYS use that for portraits of my clients and never auto white balance. The reason is, the Expo Disc will read the light most accurately and make editing, especially skin tones, so much easier. For an Instagram photo, however, auto is fine and quicker.

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I also used the Neewer Digital Timer Remote Control and set it to a 5 second timer. It is compatible with my Canon 6D even though the box doesn't specifically mention it.

I changed my drive to multi photo capture so the shutter will release multiple times and take several pictures at once. 

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Photography ideas while in quarantine


I love Lou Marks Photo on Etsy for really affordable presets. She offers mobile and desktop presets. Some of my favorites are Wonderland Pink and Bright & Airy.


My Camera Settings and equipment:

· Aperture - f/2.8 (I personally liked this depth of field with the flowers being blurry and me in focus. If you want everything in focus, raise the aperture to 3.5 or 5.6)

· Shutter - 1/640 of a second (if your light is good go even higher to get more in focus)

· ISO - 5000 (with better light, I could have lowered this to eliminate noise)

· White Balance - Auto (get fancy with the Expo Disc!)

· AF - AI Servo (this setting is for subjects that are moving)

· Drive - Continuous Mode (may be called continuous shooting or burst mode)

· Canon 6D

· Neewer Digital Remote Control

· Hot tip (LOL) Fake flowers work best because the petals won't fall off :)



Indoor blog photo ideas




Try it out and use #527photo on Instagram. I'll share your pic in my stories!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Instagram @527photo. Happy shooting!

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