Photographer Heather of 527 Photo
Photo by Abigail Lane Nelson

Photo by Abigail Lane Nelson

Hi! My name is Heather and I created 527 because I love photographing beautiful things; Stunning destinations and happy souls are at the top of my list.

I began snapping pics in 2014 when my husband and I got married in Prague, Czech Republic. From there, we traveled to Salzburg, Hallstatt, Munich, and Dubrovnik on our honeymoon. I brought an inexpensive DSLR, learned the ropes, and haven't stopped photographing ever since! When we got home, I decided I wanted photography to be a large part of my life, so I invested in the right equipment and took a few more trips. 

My love for travel began in 2008 when I studied abroad in Paris, France. It was my first international trip and I was awestruck. My husband I were able to travel back to France in 2015 and those pictures were the beginning of my fine art print shop. Travel and photography makes my soul happy and we have no plans to stop traveling. Maybe our next destination will be your favorite place :)

Photographing people is very different from travel photography but equally as fulfilling. I specialize in lifestyle photography and love it because it's candid, simple, and real. I want a 527 photo to resonate the essence of who you are.

Hopefully, we can work together very soon!